These are some common technical questions about the villa regarding photoshoots and production locations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have other questions.

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  • Tel +34 697 937 600 (Barcelona, Spain)
  • We speak English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Dutch.


The main house, gardens and pool receive direct sunshine throughout the day.

Sunrise is visible from the house on the horizon over the sea.  Direct sunlight ends about 90 minutes before the actual sunset (although some areas of the forest receive sunshine for longer). You can check the orientation of the house and each room using the plans.

Noise control

  • HVAC: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning can all be turned off. The pumps of the swimming pool can be turned off. Refrigerators and appliances can be turned off.
  • Roads and traffic: There is a public asphalt road, with very infrequent traffic, about 500m from the house. This road typically has less than 10 vehicles passing per hour.
  • Public transport: There are no nearby trains or buses.
  • Air traffic: Airplanes can be heard occasionally. They are not frequent.
  • Schools: There are no nearby schools, recreation facilities, sports fields.
  • Industry: There are no nearby factories or warehouses.

Light pollution

There is no street lighting in the area. The skies and stars are exceptionally clear at night.

Accommodation/staging for talent

  • The annex house is suitable for talent, wardrobe, gear storage, catering. It has its own kitchen and bathroom and is a secure, independent space. It has 2 floors.
  • For larger crews or numerous talent, the main house has 4 double bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a large kitchen and large living room. See plans.

Vehicle access

The house is 75 minutes from Barcelona (AP-7 exit 8, Girona airport). Drive 20 minutes from the AP-7 exit via Cassà de la Selva. Access is easy from the asphalt road.

Normal cars, vans, trucks, etc can drive to the house with no problem (but not articulated trucks). These vans and trucks are all ok.

Free parking

There is free parking for many vehicles.

Temperature control

The main house has a geothermal system. It is used for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. It heats or cools the concrete floors and is silent. Individual temperature control in each room is possible. There is ample ventilation throughout the house.


Villa CP faces the Costa Brava coast and has a mild Mediterranean climate. Snow is rare (last time was 2010). The winter months tend to be sunny but cooler, while the autumn and spring are the seasons with some rainfall. Apart from an occasional thunderstorm, it is rare to have any rain at all in the summer months.

Rainfall on the roof does not cause much noise due to thick insulation.


Villa CP has 21 kW electricity, 220V. There are 220V power points in all rooms. Circuit breakers are clearly marked and accessible.


There is no gas supply to the house.


There is wired internet and wi-fi throughout the house.


The house has a fixed telephone and there is a mobile signal in all areas.

Bathrooms, toilets

4 bathrooms with toilets

Disabled access

For wheelchair users, the following areas in the main house are accessible without any steps or large thresholds:

  • Upstairs: The kitchen / dining room, the main terrace, bedroom 4 and bathroom 3.
  • Downstairs: hall, laundry room, games room.
  • Garden: most areas.
  • Swimming pool: there are 3 steps to enter the pool and there is no hand rail.
  • Barbecue area
  • The driveway, main entrance and parking area are sloped but there are no steps.

Other parts of the house and garden are either inaccessible without difficulty or can only be reached via 2 or 3 steps and there are no hand rails in these parts of the house. Entrance to the self-contained annex house, next to the main house, is not possible without a series of steps.

Other facilities

  • Washing machine and tumble drier
  • Ironing board and iron
  • Trampoline, full size.
  • Futbolín table, full size.
  • Table tennis table, full size.